The Distillery and Friends

last days with Suki

Our friends had stopped by to purchase some of our fine spirits. Nancy took a few awesome photos of the building and still. I wanted to share a few of them with you. Hopefully we will see some of you in person when you stop in to say Hello!

Copper still made by COLONEL WILSON


About copperrundistillery

Micro-Distillery of Moonshine, Spirit Whiskey and Rum
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6 Responses to The Distillery and Friends

  1. Jim I opened one of my corn whiskey bottles from your first batch! It was great. Have you started a batch on the oak yet? PS Vodka was very good also. See you soon, when I bring Tim Hite with me.Ray ProvinceThe Celtic

  2. jim says:

    Hi Robin,I just found your post. I do have a barrel of corn whiskey set aside. It is in a new charred oak barrel and it already has made a profound effect on the whiskey. I have a couple of whiskey styles aging. Let me know when you plan on coming down and we shall do some sampling!

  3. lightgaddis says:

    Jim Thank you so much for having us over today, my husband and I really enjoy the rum, vodka and whiskey(moonshine) it was so good, hope to see you soon.ThanksThe light

  4. cornerpost says:

    Visited your distillery Aug 22 and enjoyed the sampling and conversation. Purchased 1 rum and 1 moonshine. Installed the wood chips in the moonshine the same day. Now, after apx 2 months, the flavor is much better and it is mellower. How long should I leave the chips in the bottle?

  5. Jim, it was great to visit today. The small batch whiskey was a treat. I am adding a link here to the article I did on the Celtic Ozarkian. slainte va, Ray Province.

  6. Cody Jacob says:

    Jim,I really enjoyed our visit to your distillery. My family and I will be back in the summer for sure! Do you think you will have more fruit soaked batches in the summer?

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