American Craft Spirits Score

Score: 88
“The IU building where I work is very close to a large WPA-era Victorian-style greenhouse, a place where I often retreat during the cold, gray months, when there’s no discernible difference between morning and afternoon light. Once inside, I take long, deep breaths and savor the balmy seventy-five degree air, letting the whole warm feeling wash over me. It’s a scent that’s unforgettable, and somehow I’m reminded of that today, nosing Copper Run’s spot-on corn whiskey. Call it moonshine or white dog or whatever you want, it gives a perfectly sweet and sour mashed corn flavor up front, with all the thick vegetal aromas of the greenhouse, along with a sweet alcoholic spice. It’s powerful, no doubt, as it strictly lashes your tongue with flavor, but in and amongst that flavor you begin to pick up light notes of herbal tea, fresh wood, and floral aromas, but overall, this stuff remains very true to form. It’s the kind of shine you pass around the fire or the dinner table, or wherever you might gather with good friends.”
–Matthew S. Colglazier

About copperrundistillery

Micro-Distillery of Moonshine, Spirit Whiskey and Rum
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