With our Shine good and stocked, Copper Run is switching gears from Moonshine production to RUM, yum.  The smell of molasses cooking is divine!


Here Jim is cleaning the still preparing for the next month of Rum distilling.


About copperrundistillery

Micro-Distillery of Moonshine, Spirit Whiskey and Rum
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2 Responses to RUMMMMMMMMM

  1. greg mansker says:

    Read the recent artical in Rural Mo. Enjoyed your web site. The fact that your making RUM really caught my eye. I have made some wine with kits and enjoyed that. Thought it would be great to make some small batches of run. Don’t know if that would be pratical. Any reading or web sites you would recommend.
    Hope to visit your place in the future.


    • You can find a link to the American Distiller´s Assonciation on our site… or just look them up on-line directly.
      That is the best hub of knowledge for getting started.
      Good luck and keep us posted.

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