About us

Jim Blansit

Your host & Artisan Distiller

Jim has been interested in the magic of fermentation from the age of 13 when he and his brother John added some of Mom’s bread yeast to fresh grape juice hidden under the bunk beds to “see what would happen”. Growing up on his Great Grand Parents farm, he and his brothers and sisters were used to the “homemade” life style. At the age of 19 after reading an article in Mother Earth News on making beer at home Jim was hooked. Working at various wineries and micro-breweries during the 90’s gave him the solid foundation to build the dream of owning and operating a small craft distillery. Copper Run Distillery is now located on the old Blansit farm and Jim is keeping the “homemade” tradition alive.email Jim

Sandy Stipp

Order Maintenance & Organization

Sandy Sandy Stipp began working with Copper Run in April of 2010 creating organization from the chaotic ambition. Now as production manager, she is involved in much more than just keeping the books. She can be seen giving tours to our guests, bottling and labeling the spirits, branding the barrels and boxes, etc… but equally importantly she keeps everybody energized by her positive humorous attitude.  email Sandy

Charity Blansit

Artisan Distiller and Free Spirit

Charity is an artist in as many ways as one can imagine or dream of. She has lived in Barcelona Spain for the last 11 years, coming home from time to time to help her brother as assistant distiller. Her female sensitivity to smell is a keen tool in making the attentive cuts for the richly fragrant heart of Copper Run spirits. email Charity

45 Responses to About us

  1. Curtis Fisher says:

    Planning a trip in the fall. How do I arrange a tour or tasting?

    • Curtis, If you are coming alone or with a small group, you can come during our open hours which presently are everyday from 10-7. If you have a large group, call ahead and make arrangements. Check with us before we come to see what events are happening in the fall. You might coincide with some festival event at the distillery.

    • We have tours all day during the hours we are open 10-7. At the moment we are open everyday.
      You can call ahead to double check if you need to, but rest assured that we will be there regardless.

  2. Justin Davis says:

    I just discovered CopperRunDistillery in my “Rural Missouri” magazine distributed by my electric company coop. I can’t wait to visit you this summer when I travel to Bull Shoals Lake! I like your website’s beautiful photos and look forward to hearing about your operations. I’m not sure i’ll like the rawness of moonshine…but definitely save me some barrel aged whiskey and a little rum!


    I would like to be on your mailing list, and do you have decent parking for motorcycles

    • Micheal we have not started a mailing list yet. When we have a mailing list avaliable there will be a link on our site from which you can place your contact information. I will probably take us a few more months until that service is functioning.
      We are in the countryside which could make motorcycle parking difficult. My father has a harley davidson and has parked carefully next to the distillery before. YOu can check our map to see the location… it is a beautiful area for an afternoon ride.

  4. Marcia Gerard says:

    Are any of your spirits available to purchase by bottle? Also, what are your hours for tasting? We moved to AR. from MN. and deem it appropriate to take a bottle of “moonshine” to family when we visit MN. in July.

    • Marcia,
      sorry we are so slow to reply to your comment. I skipped over this one somehow.
      we are open all day everyday. you can check the website for map and hours.
      We can not ship at this time, but you should take some with you in July!
      I hope you have time for a visit if you have not already made one.

  5. Judy Hadsall says:

    My husband is retiring and loves a good whiskey! A coworker told me about you guys and so can you give me pricing forir your barrels please

    • Judy,
      Somehow I over looked your request. Our barrels are priced as follows: 1 G = 125, 3 G = 160, and 5 G = 185. Moonshine for aging is sold separately.
      If you have not already purchased a barrel from us since your request… we hope to have you join the barrel club soon.

  6. tim kusz says:

    i saw you segmant on tv……..do i have to come down there to get the moonshine and rum…..this good stuff……..i’m looking forward to the liquor but i think your bottles are so cool…..kind of that 1930’s retro……can i purchase online or do i have to make the drive…….how much for the moon and super rum……are they quart or litre……

  7. Beverly White says:

    hi guys
    we recently visited your establishment and was wonderfully impressed! ( 6/18/2011)
    You guys made our visit so fun. Your corn squeezins are mighty fine! We brought home quite a bit to share with family and friends , and of course to have with my “mango pineapple smoothies”. We plan on being back in August hope the Burbon is ready then!
    Take care and keep brewin the squeezins
    Bill & Beverly White
    Randy & Julie Schau

  8. Bryan & Cindy says:

    Nothing better than seeing someone doing what they truly enjoy. It was our pleasure to stop by on our weekend adventure of “sipping wine” to having a taste of something that needs no explanation. Great job,can’t wait til the upstairs is done.

  9. Johnna Rose says:

    Me and my mom are planning on visiting in early August, and want to take some moonshine back home to Minnesota for our family. What are your tasting hours, and what types of liquors do you sell.

  10. Jim,
    Thanks so much for being such a good host. I love bringing new people to your facility. It’s always a good time. I’m sure you will see me again soon!

    Jessie Estrada

  11. Dick & Cindy Asquith says:

    Hi Jim my wife and I are at Big Cedar Lodge on vacation and are planning visiting your distillery this week. Our good friend from Springfield advised us of your facility. We look forward to the visit…

  12. Brenda Moore says:

    august 26th 2011, my husband ken, myself (brenda) , my quad son collin and his caregiver made a trip to copper run. collin was hurt when he was 14 and hasn’t walked or talked for over 7 yrs and i have been promising to get him some moonshine to try, always falling short of getting it, then we discovered copper run, handicap accessible. they were awesome people. we couldn’t stay long it was ribbon cutting day. so we are planning to go back soon. did purchase moonshine and vodka. thanks jim we look forward to seeing you again soon. kenneth,brenda and collin:-)

  13. JP NOYES says:

    A short drive to a fun place. Everyone is up on their product and it all taste great. Not hard to find, hope that Charity is their to show you around. I like the rum a lot but its all very good. Give it a try, have fun!

  14. Joel Johnson says:

    Hello, I am the founder of The Lincoln Park Young Professionals, The Billionaire Lifestyle Events and The Lincoln Park Social Productions Events in Chicago! These are special events marketing companies that host a variety of monthly events such as wine tastings, black ties, martini tastings, restaurant openings, champagnes tastings, scavenger hunts and great dinners around Chicago.

    My last events were held at premiere Chicago venues, The Peninsula Hotel, Bentley/Lamborghini Gold Coast, The Blackstone Hotel, Chicago Cultural Center, The University Club, Chicago Yacht Club, The Field Museum, The Columbia Yacht Club, Broadway In Chicago, Hard Rock Hotel, The Drake Hotel Bloomingdale’s. Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Chanel, Banana Republic and more….

    Our Sponsors have enjoyed direct access to the LPYP clientele. Our unique business model hits the key 23-45 year Chicago young professional, primarily single, social, community minded, high disposable income and eager to network with other professionals.

    We are connected via a 135,000 email database, direct mail programs, monthly printed invitations, radio and print portfolio, concierges and PR firms, and most importantly, a loyal young professional following. Our events are featured in Time Out Magazine, Michigan Avenue Magazine, Chicago Social, Metromix, RedEye, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Reader, Chicago Concierge, Going.com, Ticketweb, NBC Television, Upscale Chicago TV, Jen Chicago, CS Magazine and more…..

    Where can I send a media kit with customized sponsorship info for your company?

    We are looking for new Sponsors, Hotels, Companies, Restaurants, Products and Services for our Summer events in 2011. We just hosted Chicago Fashion Week Kick Off Event at Grossinger Cadiallc Dealership, Martinis at District, Whole Foods Market, The Nature Museum, Dalmore Scotch at Saloon Steakhouse and our Peppermint Bash November 19th with over 500 guests. February 21st we hosted our Winterfest of Classic Cocktails and Wine Tasting at The Columbia Yacht Club on Lakeshore Drive with 600 guests and our Best of the Best Chicago event at District Bar on April 7th with 500 guests. Rock The Boat at Columbia Yacht Club May 19th had close to 1000 people and 87 companies involved in a great event.

    We just hosted the Chicago launch event for the new Range Rover Evoque at Howard Orloff Range Rover with Alison Payne from WGN, 120 companies and 800 guests.

    We are always looking for new venues as well to host our monthly events!

    Join the fun! Join the Success!

    Joel Johnson
    Lincoln Park Young Professionals
    Billionaire Lifestyle Events
    Lincoln Park Social Productions

    • Joel,
      I see that this message may have arrived late to us due to the following quote of your email: “We are looking for new Sponsors, Hotels, Companies, Restaurants, Products and Services for our Summer events in 2011.”
      At this moment we are staying very local and simple with our publicity.
      However if you are interested in having a meeting in our distillery, keep in mind that we host special events.
      Best of luck,
      Copper Run Distillery

  15. doug baker says:

    Thanks for the tour and the samples. Can’t wait to open the bottles tonight. I’ve got a new
    favorite vodka!!
    Doug Baker- Branson

    PS: Can we get bottles of Apple Pie?

    • Doug, At this moment we do not sell Apple Pie by the bottle, but we are looking into a future of novelty mixes and infusions avaliable for take home purchace. Keep asking and one day it may be possible. For now you are just going to have to come to us and have a glass here.
      Have you come out to the Sunday Folk Jam session yet? It gets going around 12.00 p.m.

  16. Have an interest in hands on instruction for alcohol made from corn mesh

    and rum from molasses

    I have 13 gallon still from mile high for starting but would like to be involved in real thing before
    blowing something up.

    Did I read you had 3 day hands on.

    Bobby Godfrey

  17. Ted Peck says:

    I’m impressed. You have a “classy yet rustic” establishment. You made me and my wife feel like old friends and you shared samples of everything.
    Now I understand the term “white lighting”. Clear and deadly! Love it.
    Taking some to Illinois and more to New Hampshire later on so others can see that Missouri has “Good Stuff”.
    Keep up the quality work.

  18. Richard says:

    Im intetested, if you have food there as well? I saw a comercial on tv, that sounded like it was a resturant/destilery!! R U that place, & if not, R U the only distilery in mo?? Or know about the place Im talking about?? Signed hungry & thirsty!!!

  19. Holly says:

    Looking forward to visitng in April when we are in Branson. We have spent a week on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, a day learning about rum at the Appleton distillery in Jamaica and toured numerous wineries across the nation. Hooray for a local sprit distillery!! See you soon

  20. Jana says:

    Wanting to come see what your all about. Is it a family friendly environment?

  21. Tara says:

    We are planning a visit to Branson in early May. My husband loves whiskey and we would love to visit your distillery. We have a 2 year old son. Would he be allowed to come to a tour and tasting? Of course, not tasting anything. Thank you!

  22. Some of my customers at White River Grille have raved about Copper Run vDistillery. So my wife and I decided to check it out last Sunday. We had an awesome time! Great music, great spirits and folks from all walks of life sat around sipping their cocktails and listened to the music. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and met some interesting people. We felt at home! It was like a family reunion setting. Everyone was laid back, dogs romping around, and kids playing in the yard.
    I foresee us being regulars.

  23. mistie says:

    have you or are you guys open to having wedding parties and reception at Copper Run ?

  24. Rick says:

    When do you see shipping being available?

    • Presently we ship from Palate Fine Wine shop in Branson, Mo. On the main page of our site you can find the link on the right hand side. Just below the picture of Jim there is a picture of Copper Run bottles. The link is there.

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